Treje Rypdal Trio/Vanguards (video)

VHS-rip from the big benefit concert Rock on the Dock , which took place at Aker Brygge in Oslo, 1985. Rock on the Dock was a part of the Forente Artister(United Artists project) wich was a group of Norwegian artists that went together in order to raise money for the victims of hunger in Africa.

Rypdal first rocks his socks off with the heavy tune «Chaser», then he calms down with the beautiful piece «Ørnen», before he hook up with his old band from the sixties, The Vanguards!
Damn, that man knows how to treat a Stratocaster!

The concert was broadcasted (live?) by NRK (The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)

Source: H.264, 638x468, 298MB + Ogg Theora, 638x468, 164MB
Duration: 15:40
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