The Road Becomes What You Leave (video)

The Road Becomes What You Leave from Todd Chandler on Vimeo.

«The Road Becomes What You Leave» is a hard-to-categorize film. It's a shortfilm, a concert film, a music documentary, and a different perspective on the «band-on-the-road-genre». A quiet, distant meeting with Magnolia Electric Co., but occasionally you get a glimpse into the life of Jason Molina and his band.

Most of the film is about life on the road. Small motel rooms, junk food, gas stations. Bringing in and setting up the equipment night after night. Rainy days. Struggle. Epic images of the passing prairie landscape, concerts in desolated small towns, fulfilling young people's hopes and dreams. A document about life on the road, without any glitter and fame.

Farewell, Jason.

Molina's songs are sad, yes, but they are also filled with beautiful poetry, timeless riffs, transcendent melodies, palpable anger and, at times, a rich, pure life-affirming power. For many people, these songs have served as the soundtrack to life's seismic shifts, a healing balm to inevitable trauma. I'm one of those people. –MARK BAUMGARTEN

Duration: 21:25
Directed by Todd Chandler
Photographed by Ava Berkofsky
Produced by Tim Sutton
Shot on location in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada during Spring 2005.

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