The Dark Don't Hide It

In memory of Jason Molina

The outstanding songwriter, artist and centerpiece of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., Jason Molina, died on 16 March 2013 after several years of alcoholism.
In gratitude to him I've put together a collection of photos from different gigs over the years. The photos are under Creative Commons licence, or with copyright permission.
A warm and heartfelt thanks to those who captured these excellent portraits of a truly special man. I am very grateful for the benevolence I've been showed during the project, like when a musician who had played with Jason assured me «... I think he(Jason) would appreciate what you're doing.»
I sure hope he would.

A special thanks for copyright permission to:
Brian Patrick Cullen, Carmen Ybarra, csampang, Howard Draper, Jone Fredriksen, Lindsey Best /, Pittsinger, Robert Loerzel, Robin Dua, Shannon McClean, Steve Gullick

Flickr photos under Creative Commons licence:
Nick Helderman, Vince Kmeron, Phil Chambers, Andrew J. Cosgriff, djenvert, Jacob Earl, ll pp, Neff Conner, Tim Broddin, Rona Proudfoot, Ron Dauphin, Kim Seng, scottks, Bill Dickinson

Excerpt from moon demons in fire a CC-video on Vimeo, made by Caleb Wood

Please consider a contribution to Jason Molina’s medical fund via Pay Pal
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